We are currently recruiting students to begin their PhD studies in the Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. Our extensive research programme spans experimental, computational and theoretical physics, with projects ranging from investigations of the fundamental physics of condensed matter to applications of materials physics to important technological challenges.

Projects are currently available in topics including organic semiconductors and spintronics, phase transitions, liquids, glasses, liquid-glass transition, radiation damage, carbon, optoelectronic materials, structure-property relationships of inorganic, organic and hybrid materials, high-pressure physics, nucleation, multiferroic materials, nanoparticles, and properties of metals. Application areas include energy, transport, medicine and the environment. For more details please see the full project list.

The Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics is an exciting and supportive place to study. We have extensive experimental facilities for spectroscopy, diffraction, materials preparation, and materials characterisation, and are significant users of international facilities for beams of neutrons, muons and synchrotron radiation. We also have in-house computational capabilities and access to national supercomputer facilities to support our simulation-based research. We are actively involved with designing and developing both computational and experimental methods, including methods for large-scale international facilities. There are several excellent funding schemes to support your study, and you will also benefit from our graduate training programme.

Much of our work crosses the traditional boundaries of physics, and we welcome applicants with backgrounds in chemistry or materials science as well as those from physics. Full details of the application procedure are available from this site. If you have any queries about particular projects, you are welcome to contact your prospective supervisor(s), whose details are listed with each project. For general or application enquiries, please contact our graduate admissions tutor, Dr Kostya Trachenko.