Structure and optical properties of carbon quantum dots

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Centre for Condensed Matter and Material Physics
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The field of carbon quantum dots (CQDs) is booming and the level of activity very high with over 6500 articles published in the last 5 years that generated over 90000 citations. However, there is currently little information on direct connection between precursors, synthesis conditions, structure and light emission in samples prepared by hydrothermal carbonization (HTC), which offers a scalable bottom-up route for CQDs production.

The aim of this project is to establish clear links within synthesis-structure-properties chain in nanoscale materials prepared by the HTC route. We will establish synthetic protocols that provide control over particle size, structure, surface termination and, ultimately, the ability to control optical properties of CQDs. We will identify the nature of spectral features and associate these features with the corresponding structural motifs (e.g. core and surface groups, sp2 and sp3 bonded clusters, etc.).
A good first degree in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science
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Andrei Sapelkin