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Smaller is Stronger

Metal foils much thinner than a human hair show greater strength than expected. The picture shows that this strength depends only on the size, not on the material properties of the particular metal. These two foils are 10 microns thick, one is nickel and the other copper. They have been annealed to give a large grain size (about 20 microns in both) and bent around the mandrel (the end of which just be seen at the bottom right of the picture.

1st Anglo-Chinese workshop on spin interactions in organic semiconductors

CCMMP will be holding the 1st Anglo-Chinese workshop on spin interactions in organic semiconductors at QMUL on the 18th August. The meeting will be attended by 5 physicists from Fudan University, China led by Prof Chang-Qin Wu. The aim of the meeting is to develop collaborative links in organic electronics and organic spintronics between QMUL and Fudan university.

HINTS consortium kick-off

The HINTS consortium, a team of European academic and industry researchers, has recently had its project kick-off meeting in Bologna, Italy. Funded by the European Union Framework Programme 7 under the NMP theme, the €3.9M project will develop and deliver innovative hybrid organic-inorganic materials with engineered spin transfer efficiency at the hybrid interface.

Alan Drew made VP-Europe of the ISMS

At the recent MuSR 2011 conference, Alan Drew was appointed as the Vice President for Europe of the International Society for Muon Spectroscopy.

X-ray PDF instrument at Diamond approved

The proposal to design and construct a dedicated beamline for measurement of pair distribution functions at the Diamond synchrotron facility has been formally approved.

New Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, starting from May 1st 2011. The new Centre will be headed by Professor Martin Dove, joining us from the University of Cambridge.